Whadafunk is a brand that represents the DIY creative culture. Getting inspiration from the artists, the bikers, the skaters, the punks, the graffiti writers, the tattooists, & all around badasses who are creating a culture for you to be a part of. We are heavily influenced by the people who create their own lanes in this world we live in. To appreciate Whadafunk you don't have to be a part of this but you can admire it. The Whadafunk brand was created for people to feel good about what they are wearing and have the confidence to be themselves.

- We draw & design every single item.
- We silkscreen print our own clothes.
- We build the screens to print with by hand.
- We sew our own labels in the clothes.
- We sew all the patches on our hats.
- We do all of our own cut & sew patterns.
- We make our own buttons from scratch.
- We hand craft all of our accessories.
- We do all of our own photography/videography.
- We built our own website.

Definition of Whadafunk
1 An exclamation; an abrupt, verbal ejaculation that describes the pervading sense that life is a celebration of funk whether it be in a pair of gym shoes or the back of a record crate or on the canvas-like walls of the inner city.
2 A lifestyle brand grounded in the avenues and boroughs of New York City that is dedicated to bringing you gear that supports an innovative and respect-commanding lifestyle.