Screen Printing & Sewing Labels On Bandannas

On Friday April 20th, I released Whadafunk 420 Bandannas for a 1 day only exclusive sale. These bandannas were hand silk screen printed & I sewed each of the labels on myself. I didn't plan on doing a 420 release but I had ordered these bandannas and was in the mood to do some silk screen printing. I wanted to create a video to show the behind the scenes process of making these Whadafunk bandannas. I show everything from the printing to the sewing. These bandannas are not available anymore but if you come to a Whadafunk Pop Up Shop I might have a few still for sale. Thank you to everyone who ordered your bandannas on this day & if you got one of them now you can see how they were made. I like to keep everything as much DIY as I can, so each piece is truly made with love.

New ANTwontstop "WorldWide" Music Video Debut

Presenting a new music video: "WORLDWIDE" shot in historic Hollywood, California!

While residing in Los Angeles California, A-N-T often found himself searching for inspiration from day to day. He was working in Hollywood and would frequently visit the nearby Griffith Observatory.

Griffith Observatory is like a melting pot for tourists from all over the world. Tourists come here to get the perfect close up shot of the iconic Hollywood Sign. So A-N-T figured, what better place to film WORLDWIDE than an attraction the WHOLE WORLD comes to see?

This song has an International feel to it because the producer lives in Hungary! Ceki Productions and A-N-T linked up about a year ago and decided to make this WORLDWIDE hit!

St Patty's Day Appalachian Moto Jam Snow Drag Racing

Over the weekend on St. Patty's Day we went to the Appalachian Moto Jam Snow Drag Racing. I was going to set up a Whadafunk Pop Up Shop, but I honestly hate the cold & didn't feel like standing in one spot the entire time. I'm saving the pop up shops for the spring & summer. There was a lot of people out & it was a fun day. I can't wait for the spring to come though. I did a short recap video from the event, I hope you guys like it.

5 Inspiring Books That I Am Reading

1. Punk Tees By Martin Popoff
I kept coming across this book & wanting to get it but I recently just came across it again & it was only $2 so I had no choice but to get it. I haven't fully read this book, but I skimmed through the pictures & as a designer it is very cool to see these iconic t-shirts becoming relics. It's exciting for me to see a t-shirt have so much meaning for someone. I am definitely looking forward to reading this entire book.

2. Mythical Monsters By Chris McNab
When I was at the flea market over the weekend I found this kids book full of drawings of mythical creatures. I got this book to inspire me to draw new things that might have not came across my adult mind. Don't be surprised if you see some new Whadafunk designs with some weird looking crazy mythical look to them.

3. Me INC. By Gene Simmons
I always like to watch documentaries from old rock bands that have gained a crazy amount of stardom from doing their own thing. When I seen this book on the clearance rack, I figured why not give it a shot. I am a few chapters in already & I am already inspired. Gene Simmons is a icon & why not read a book more about his business mind.

4. Graffiti New York By Eric Felisbret
As a Graffiti book collector, I had to add this to my bookshelf. This is a book from old school new york graffiti to the new school. Graffiti is always changing and evolving but it is always good to look back at what people have done & changed over the years. I definitely reccomend this book to anyone who is interested in graffiti.

5. Crushing It By Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vee bought a Whadafunk shirt one time, so I had to buy his book. I liked to read this book because it is more about other peoples experiences using their own social media tactics on how to gain exposure. It is very good for the modern entrepreneur. Although it is short, it is a good book to read & maybe pass onto your fellow entrepreneur friends.

What I Learned From Meeting Gary Vee At Wine Library

Every time that Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk) releases a book I try to go to any seminar or book signing that he has. I've been watching him for since a little before Jab Jab Jab Right Hook came out & ever since then I've been hooked. I love his hustle. My favorite part about him is that he is hustling the hustlers, and that's the real definition of hustle if you ask me. I went to the book signing at Wine Library on Saturday February 24th with my brother & my girlfriend. I wanted to show them who I am listening to on YouTube 8 hours a day. I woke up a little later then I actually wanted to but I still got there "on time". The event was supposed to start at 11:30, I got there at 10:30 and the line was already almost outside of the building. It felt crazy to be at Wine Library, the place that started it all for Gary Vaynerchuk. As I got on the line I started looking around at all the people, I wanted to know who his fanbase was. I noticed a lot of people in the 18-25 year old age range & some older, some younger but mostly that range. I was waiting on the stairs & some guy from Team Gary Vee was live streaming for Gary's facebook page, I knew I had to get in there so I jumped in front of the camera & did my thing. This was my 2nd time going to a Gary Vee Book signing & the crazy thing is when Jab Jab Jab Right Hook came out it was about 80% less people. At the Jab Jab Jab Right Hook signing people were calling him out for having a website that wasn't mobile friendly. Fast forward to now and he has people driving 7 hours to meet him for 10 seconds & get their picture with him. He is a celebrity from his HUSTLE. Seeing him do it makes me feel like I could do it too & I know that's the reason most people follow him. But the difference is I am actually doing it & plan on keep doing it. When it was finally my turn to see him it was already 12:30 & you could tell he just was tired of signing books & giving hi fives. I gave him a 1 of 1 custom Whadafunk Beanie which I hope that he actually wears or gives it to someone to wear one day. I was so focused on giving him the beanie that I almost forgot to take a picture with him til my brother yelled at me "YO GET A PICTURE" after I was walking away. Gary somehow heard this amongst the chaos & told me to come back so I could get a pic with him. He's a stand up guy & I think that's why he has the following he does. He just keeps it real & that's the part that most people are missing. Keeping it real & being yourself always wins. Me actually meeting him only lasted 20 seconds but it was definitely worth it just to learn more about his fan base & hustle. I did a vlog episode of the day so you can visually see what it was like.

House Of Vans Brooklyn 2018

On Tuesday February 13th I went to House Of Vans Brooklyn with A-N-T for his performance. If you don't know what House Of Vans is, it is a event that Vans puts on every winter time in nyc for the skaters to hit up the park & stay warm. It's a great event that has free beer & free pizza (except I couldn't find the pizza) It was dope running into people that I know from the internet & giving out a bunch of free stickers to people. Unfortunately I heard that this is the last year that they will be holding this event in Brooklyn. I did a recap video of my night, take a look & leave a comment!