For our first small drop of Fall/Winter 2016 we hand silkscreened a few different pieces here at the WDFNK STUDIOS. Our first piece is a pullover hoodie with a front & back screen print. The name of the hoodie is "Some Live It - Some Love It" and if you don't know what that means I think it is pretty self explanitory. If the design does not feature hand drawn lettering I like to make the typography a little different styled than just plain font. The next piece is a t-shirt designed by @XSIDOS_ for Whadafunk. The name of this shirt is "Broken Promises" because to me the broken rose held by a skeleton hand represents love/hate/death/life. I printed these in two different colorways taking it back to the original beginning days of Whadafunk. I also created leggings for the ladies. This is the first time that I've created leggings for Whadafunk. The design features tattoo style rose & sword. I drew this myself because it was something I really wanted to draw & I believe the design going down the side of the leg is a nice look. When I design I like to create pieces that I would like to wear or pieces I would like to see other people wear. I also created a fresh batch of stickers & pins which will be free with every order.
Photography By: John G
Modeled By: Billy Whitney