Whadafunk Skull Speech Bubble Hat Now Available At Zumiez! !

We have some really really exciting news to tell you all!!!! We just got a brand new Whadafunk hat in Zumiez!!! The new Whadafunk Skull Speech Bubble Strapback Hat is NOW AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY at Zumiez.

You can order these hats on the Zumiez website or check to see if your local Zumiez is carrying them as well. If they are not carrying them, you can always order your hat to your local store and go pick it up as well. We are really excited because we haven't released a new hat in awhile. These hats are a perfect fit to add to your wardrobe for the upcoming seasons....time to throw that old hat away.

WE TRULY appreciate all of your support & it means the world to us!!!! When you buy these hats you are supporting Whadafunk & keeping the brand going! We would love to keep on creating for you, so with that being said....we NEED your support on this. When you buy a new hat, please screenshot a pic of your receipt or take a photo with the hat...we want to shout each and every single one of you out. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT AS ALWAYS, WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT YOU!

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