WHADAFUNK salutes the creators. For 10 years, our brand has celebrated the skaters, graffiti writers, punks, and artists at the heart of the culture we love.

Our DIY ethos is powered by an unlimited supply of good times, and continually influenced by the incredible community around our brand.

To friends, old and new: there are no lanes to stay in here.

Be inspired. Stay confident.

Most importantly, do your own thing..

- We draw & design every single item.
- We silkscreen print our own clothes.
- We build the screens to print with by hand.
- We sew our own labels in the clothes.
- We sew all the patches on our hats.
- We do all of our own cut & sew patterns.
- We make our own buttons from scratch.
- We hand craft all of our accessories.
- We do all of our own photography/videography.
- We built our own website.

Definition of Whadafunk
1 An exclamation; an abrupt, verbal ejaculation that describes the pervading sense that life is a celebration of funk whether it be in a pair of gym shoes or the back of a record crate or on the canvas-like walls of the inner city.
2 A lifestyle brand grounded in the avenues and boroughs of New York City that is dedicated to bringing you gear that supports an innovative and respect-commanding lifestyle.